Ecotourism in Koroyanitu National Heritage Park

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Koroyanitu, located on the Fiji island of Viti Levu, contains large tracts of virgin tropical forests. Due to the economic conditions of the area, villages are under pressure to allow logging companies to harvest timber. Six villages are cooperatively exploring an ecotourism project that will act as an alternate source of income that would reward them for their land stewardship. This Cooperative established a Trust to manage the area, promote ecotourism, promote community development, and environmental protection. In 1994 the village of Acabe, raised US$14,200 from the project, more than the total village income for 1993.


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National parks, Payments for environmental services, Forest management, Ecotourism, Tropical zones, Community development, Community-based ecotourism, Cultural conservation, Ecotourism cooperative society ltd., Koroyanitu development trust, Fijian vanau tours inc., Watershed