Local incentive-based policy for vegetable-agroforestry: A locally-appropriate adaptation and mitigation action (LAAMA) to climate change

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Laguna, Philippines: World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)


This policy brief describes the experience of the Lantapan Municipality in developing an incentive-based policy to promote vegetable-agroforestry (VAf) as a locally-appropriate adaptation and mitigation action (LAAMA) to climate change. As the demand for food increases, a solution is needed to address water scarcity and environmental degradation. In this area of the southern Philippines, VAf is a viable land use solution that will both help the environment and sustain the livelihoods of the local community. Through the use of collaborative efforts that combine research and local knowledge, informed decisions can be reached that will help to build social capital, regulate land use, create locally-tailored policies, and promote a wider adoption of conservation agriculture.



Local knowledge, Conservation agriculture, Adoption of innovations, Agroforestry, Social capital, Vegetable agroforestry, The Philippines, Incentive-based, Policy incentives, Laama, Farm/Enterprise Scale Field Scale Governance Watershed


VAF Policy Brief Series 2010 No. 3