2012-2018 Strategic Plan for the Virginia Tech College of Engineering

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Virginia Tech


Virginia Tech’s College of Engineering is one of the finest in the world. This is evidenced by the great demand for admission to the college’s undergraduate and graduate programs, the great demand to hire the college’s graduates or to admit them to graduate school, and the great demand to participate in the college’s research. The excellent reputation of the College of Engineering arises from a “hands on, minds on” philosophy towards engineering education and practice that dates back many decades, and which gives it distinction among other great engineering colleges. The faculty and staff of the College of Engineering are committed to: • Active-learning by our students in highly regarded engineering programs; • Educational trailblazing and the early adoption of new learning technologies; • High quality research which, in the Land Grant tradition, is timely and focused on problems of great importance to society; and • An Ut Prosim spirit of generous service. Looking ahead six years, the College of Engineering will sustain its excellence and distinctiveness by following a strategic plan that is built upon five themes. Theme 1: Provide a high quality environment for teaching, learning and research. Theme 2: Recruit, educate and graduate a high quality and diverse undergraduate student body. Theme 3: Recruit, educate and graduate a high quality and diverse graduate student body. Theme 4: Address problems of regional, national and global importance. Theme 5: Support a diverse community of faculty, staff and students. Sets of emphases and measures are presented for each theme of this strategic plan.