A manual for the management of indoor track meets at Virginia Tech

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Virginia Tech


Adequate organization and planning are vital to all aspects of successful athletic administration and event management. Hosting are the keys to any athletic event involves responsibilities in a diverse number of areas such as concessions, security, and tickets. A written game operations manual that outlines the tasks to be done in each area of event preparation serves as a useful administrative tool to ensure all necessary steps are taken so that the contest runs as efficiently as possible.

The problem that serves as the basis for this project is that Virginia Tech does not have an operations manual for every sport. While there are certain areas that apply to all sports,each sport has its own unique needs that must be considered when serving as host of an athletic contest. Track meets in particular require a great deal more planning in certain areas due to the large number of separate events involved at each meet and the fact that many events are conducted at the same time throughout the competition.

The purpose of this project was to create a meet operations manual to assist in the administration of all future indoor track meets hosted by Virginia Tech. The use of this manual should serve as a reference, to the athletic administrators and track coaches, that outlines the tasks and preparations involved in hosting an indoor meet at the high school and college level before the season begins, the day of the meet, and after the season ends. It should help Virginia Tech enhance the quality and enjoyment of each contest for all Competitors and spectators.