Design evaluation of alternative sonar system configurations

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Virginia Tech


The United States Navy has concentrated the majority of its Surface Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) capability in systems that are designed to exploit the specific acoustic environment of the open ocean. The new priorities are the littoral threat of mined harbors, gulfs, bays, and coastal areas and of coastal patrolling diesel submarines operating in a familiar, although more complex environment. The Naval operational requirements are to exercise control of threat platforms at ranges greater than the threat's weapon range capability and to provide defense against mobile (torpedoes) and immobile (mines) weapons.

The United States' continued intervention in small skirmishes around the world requires an active sonar system that can perform the roles of shallow water and small object avoidance.

An engineering approach to develop the new sonar system that can meet the defined operational requirements is needed. The system will be the first mission critical combat system built from a majority of COTS components in the USN inventory and will provide small object avoidance and shallow water capabilities to combatants where none previously existed.



submarines, coastal patrol