Research on failure mechanism and support technology of fractured rock mass in an undersea gold mine


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The surrounding rock control has been a difficult problem for fractured rock mass in hard rock mines. This article describes a case study of the failure mechanisms and the support design technology for fractured rock mass drifts in Xinli Gold Mine. Based on field investigation, the geology characteristics, failure types, influencing factors, support types, and their failure types were analyzed. The rock mass classification, rock mass physical and mechanical parameters were obtained by using Q, RMR, and GSI systems. The zoning of surrounding rock, stability analysis and zoning support schemes design were carried out based on rock mass classification results. The pretension is designed by China underground mine experiences and verified by numerical simulation. RS2 was used to compare the plastic zone under pre- and post-support conditions. The plastic zone is significantly reduced after support is installed, which indicates that the designed support schemes can effectively control the failure of surrounding rock. In view of difficulties in the excavation and support of fractured rock mass, the short excavation and short support technology was proposed to ensure the success excavation of the drift in fractured rock mass. The field application shows that the short excavation and support technology are effective.



Fractured rock mass, failure mechanisms, rock mass classification, zoning support, numerical simulation, short excavation and short support technology