Conservation agriculture effects and policy support to mitigate soil degradation in Midi-Pyrénées (France)

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According to a soil risk assessment that evaluated European soils in 2005, approximately 25% of European land is at some risk of erosion. Degraded soil reduces the soil's ability to absorb water and replenish groundwater supply, capture and store carbon, and filter pollution. Conservation agriculture may be an economically viable solution in some areas of France to improve soil quality and reduce erosion. This article evaluates the effects and potential of conservation agriculture and the soil protection policy on a specific area in France.


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Groundwater, Conservation agriculture, Soil degradation, Soil erosion, Government policy, Local policy, Soil quality, Water quality, Midi-pyrénées, France, Policy framework, Soil legislation, Farm/Enterprise Scale Field Scale Governance


Land Degradation & Development 22(1): 70-83