Collection and characterization of several indigenous vegetables in Indonesia

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Basaha, Indonesia: Bogor Agricultural University


This presentation describes the various characteristics and potentials of indigenous vegetables. Indigenous vegetables have nutritional value, and are a source of pro-vitamin A, C, calcium and iron. They are also a source of fiber and antioxidants. Indonesian indigenous vegetables are abundant and can be planted in a number of locations. They are also usually consumed only by local people. The objectives of this study were to collect and characterize several indigenous vegetables in Indonesia, and to analyze the relationship between accessions. This presentation discusses the completion of the project, and the various features of the vegetables, as well as the project's results from each species.



Plant variety protection, Agroforestry, Cash crops, Agriculture, Vegetables, Indigenous species, Field Scale


Presented at the second annual TMPEGS-Indonesia meeting, Bogor, Indonesia, May 2007