Research framework for technology network and gendered knowledge analyses

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Blacksburg, VA: Office of International Research and Development, Virginia Tech

This paper presents a detailed framework for connecting people and turning innovation into the implementation of conservation agriculture (CA) at the smallholder level through the use of networks, participatory processes, and data collection. With the use of adaptive management, we can effectively work together with actors in a technology network and begin to develop sustainable solutions to address the food security problem. To allow for adaptive management and the extension of knowledge networks, we need to map social relations to improve networks and spread conservation agriculture techniques.

Participatory processes, Training, Conservation agriculture, Social learning, Social capital, Women, Food security, Institutional capacity building, Empowerment, Gender, Local knowledge, Survey research methods, Extension service, Adoption of innovations, Technology networks, Gendered knowledge, Technological frames, Data collection, Adaptive management, Farm/Enterprise Scale Field Scale
SANREM CRSP Working Paper No. 01-10