Preliminary design of a mini-headquarters trailer for a construction company

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Virginia Tech


The systems engineering life-cycle approach is used to develop the preliminary system design of a mini-headquarters trailer for the XYZ Construction Company. The design proposed by a design company is the result of trade-offs between the operating requirements and standard human factor practices, and is evaluated based on operational performance and life-cycle costs. These costs include research and development, procurement and construction, and operations and maintenance costs. Recommendations are based on criteria provided by the XYZ Construction Company.

The previous trailer headquarters, recently gutted by fire, had poor lighting and ventilation systems and did not meet fire code and safety standards. The XYZ Construction Company requires a new mini-headquarters as soon as possible for upcoming contracts. The trailer will contain a working area for up to six engineers, a conference room for eight, a private office area and a restroom. The trailer will have its own power and water supplies, sewage disposal and phone connectivity, as well as hookups for external electrical power and water. The trailer's life expectancy is ten years from design to disposal, with a cost over the entire life-cycle of approximately $242,405 for the assumed situation and example.