360 Degrees of Pressure: The Changing Role of the HR Professional in the Hospitality Industry [Summary]

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Virginia Tech


This study reflects a descriptive experience in hospitality through the rapidly changing world of HRM. The study defined the nature of that position in a diverse sector in terms of structure, scale, location, market and demand. It also demonstrated the downward trend within organizational structures in need of equilibrium in the lower part of the management hierarchy of many organizations in order to find a polarized and competent HR position. It also discussed and explained how that external pressures have an effect on the HR position of poles, strategic and organizational at both ends and have used three from a wide range of potential pressures to explain possible impacts. Then we try to understand the current status and role of HR management in the hospitality industry by bringing these things together.

Recommendations for handling the existing 360 degree demands on the HR system could provide additional time and tasks for managers to actively interact with the introduction of their HR duties, tailored training and development of the various facets of HR functions and associated external pressures, and a user-friendly, real-time contact platform.



human resource management, devolution, external environmental impact, demographic changes