Application of GIS and RS in Abandoned Land Surveying: A Case Study in Shandong, China

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For the acute contradiction between land and people, cherishing and reasonable using per inch land is a persistent national policy in China, whereas land damage is unavoidable in mining, construction and other activity. There is still a lot of abandoned land unused and with no obligator in China, which will have to be the government’s responsibility to survey, plan how to use them and to complete recovering them. For the abandoned land damage always occurred minimally 25 years ago, it is hard to find their information which is truly needed to make clear how much, when and where to reclaim them. Focus on that problem, we proposed a method to find and capture the abandoned land information, which is based on social surveying methods, but featured with GIS and RS. The method was used in Shandong Province. Result showed there are totally 15,751 units and 76,088 ha abandoned land, distributed in 15 cities. Among that, subsided land, digging land and occupied land are 23,981ha, 4154ha and 4,471ha respectively. The conclusion is that based on social survey data, GIS overlapping analysis function and RS method are effective to identified the location, specific damaged time, land use status and so on. As the project is just on the beginning stage, there are still further study on the monitoring and evaluation of self-rehabilitation status of abandoned land.



China, Shandong province, Land reclamation, Abandoned land, Land use mapping