BRIDGE-Mainstreaming gender equality

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Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex


BRIDGE website provides various gender information to support "gender advocacy and mainstreaming efforts of policymakers and practitioners by bridging the gaps between theory, policy and practice". The vision of this website is to make a fair world where development outcome will be gender qualities by creation of gendered knowledge. Like a "virtual bookcase" in this site may be used to find and download copies of all BRIDGE publications. The publications are divided into two sections such as type and theme. The "type" section includes cutting edge packs, in brief, reports and bibliographies and the "theme" section includes general, conflicts and emergencies, country profiles, economics, governance, poverty and sectoral issues about gender.


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Marketing and trade, Culture, Women, Conflict resolution, Livelihoods, Conflict, Gender, Poverty, Empowerment, Development, Education, Climate change, Gender indicator, Budgets, Participation, Migration, Gender and sport, Gender and hiv/aids, Reproductive health, Ecosystem Governance