Dielectric properties of PFN-PFT solid solution synthesized by the molten salt method

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Virginia Tech


Various compositions of PFN-PFT solid solution were synthesized by the molten salt method at 800°C and 900°C. Higher temperature was necessary to form pure perovskite of PFT than PFN. However, those synthesized at higher temperatures tended to decompose during sintering. The particle size was not uniform and increased from PFT to PEN.

The distribution of grain size in the sintered pellets was bi-modal. The grain size increased as the particle size increased. Those synthesized at 900°C had quite a different behavior from those synthesized at 800°C during sintering.

Each composition of PFN-PFT system showed a broad dielectric phase transition in the different temperature range. This behavior was well described by the statistical model of compositional fluctuation.