Identifying high-risk commercial truck drivers using a naturalistic approach

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National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence


The current report investigated the 'high-risk' driver concept, and predictors associated with group membership, in a sample of 200 CMV drivers using naturalistic data from the Drowsy Driver Warning System Field Operational Test and the Naturalistic Truck Driving Study. A cluster analysis revealed three distinct groups of drivers (safe, average, and risky) based on the rate of safety-critical events per mile traveled. The risky group accounted for 50.3% of the total safety-critical events, but only 7.1% of the total miles traveled. Various anthropometric and demographic variables were found to have an association to group membership; however, these relationships were weak (mainly due to the small sample size). The current study found support for the high-risk driver concept; future research should focus on identifying risky drivers so that targeted safety management techniques can be used to improve driving behavior. -- Report website.