Community fishery resources management on Malalison Island, Philippines: R & D framework, interventions, and policy implications

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London, UK: Taylor & Francis Ltd


In 1991, the Aquaculture Department of the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center launched a community-based fishery resources management project on Malalison Island, in central Philippines, to help conserve the country's marine resources and to help the fisherfolk rise above their poverty. The eight-year project integrated various disciplines in biology, economics, sociology, public administration, and engineering in its study of fishery resources and fishing communities and in evolving intervention strategies for resource conservation and management, and for community development. The project's most important accomplishment was the inculcation among the fisherfolk of the importance of resource conservation and management. The most important lesson learned was that an enlightened and empowered fisherfolk could be effective managers and responsible users of fishery resources.


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Ecosystem management, Ecosystem, Marine aquaculture, Aquatic ecosystems, Water management, Enterprise types, Natural resource-based enterprise, Conservation, Sustainability, Natural resource management, Aquaculture, Community-based, Fisheries, Resources, Management, Interdisciplinary, Policy, Ecosystem Governance Watershed


Coastal Management 28(1): 19-27