Marketing and Promotion in the Hotel Industry: A case study in Family Hotel and Hotel Group

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Tourism and Hospitality International Journal


Marketing shows its importance in every kind of tourist and hotel industry, since it presents itself as a tool that contributes to better management of hotel operations also help in defining appropriate strategies for their development, with the main objective, the increase in financial results. Thus, the thought of marketing and promotion strategy should be developed in a planned, staffed and structured to provide the enabling hospitality company to move the market in better condition that can ensure greater market share, making it possible to take the product or service to customers and potential customers. Marketing and promotion should define a set of actions for internal and external communication that can be put into practice by allowing hotel companies diversified forward messages with the aim of showing and raising awareness of the company, its products and services with ultimate goal of causing consumers consumer desire. To understand how marketing and promotion can take on this vital role for the hotel units, we did an exhaustive search to get collect information about: tourism, hospitality, hotel management, marketing and promotion (these topics that we consider crucial to our work research). To this was fundamental research in thematic books, consult scientific articles and academic theses already undertaken, the consultation of literature related to the two hotel units under study, conducting interviews with the direction of the family-run hotel unit for information about the hotel management and even a visit to the two hotels that were targeted by our research. After collecting and processing all the information and content that could meet the predefined objectives of our investigation, it was revealed that marketing and promotion is a vehicle of great importance for the management of hotels.



tourism, hospitality, hotel management, marketing, promotion, internal communication, external communication, financial increase, sales