Tendiendo Puentes Entre Los Paisajes Humanos Y Naturales: La investigación participativa y el desarrollo ecológico en una frontera agrícola andina

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Quito, Ecuador: Sistema DocuTech


This book synthesizes the results of the SANREM program in the Nanegal parish, Pinchincha Province, Ecuador. The region, located between the Guayllabamba and Alambi rivers in northwestern Ecuador, has been the site of SANREM-sponsored interdisciplinary research projects since 1994. This book seeks to describe how the intertwined human-natural landscape has been developed over time through interactions between the people and the environment. Based on solid scientific research, the authors show that the natural features of landscape, beyond being physical realities, also provide a medium through which the people who live in the landscape can express their ideas and imagination. The ecological landscape is an integral part of every aspect of daily life, not only because it constitutes the natural surroundings, but also because of the peoples interactions with the landscape over the course of time. Integrating these distinct yet complementary views of the landscape provides a vision for creating a sustainable future for mountain ecosystems and sloped regions of the world.


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Rural development, Biodiversity, Sustainable development, Ecological restoration, Social capital, Land use management, Natural resource management, Gender, Sustainable agriculture, Community participation, Community development, Livestock, Agriculture, Rural-rural migration, Participatory research, Ecosystem