CFD Analysis of NACA4415 Airfoil with ƴ – Re₀ Model considering Natural Transition


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Virginia Tech


Airfoil analysis is essential to wind turbine aerodynamics. In typical operating conditions, airfoils undergo transition from laminar to turbulent flow in the boundary layer in a manner that must be modeled accurately to predict airfoil lift and drag. There are different modes of transition (e.g. natural, by-pass, wake induced, reversed, separated flow) and modeling them is not straight-forward. Over the years, diversified predictions have been developed for the various modes. One of the popular transition models is the local correlation-based ƴ - Re₀ model of Menter et al. (Menter et al., 2004). The model requires data correlations for the transition length and the critical Reynolds numbers.




Islam, M., Langfeldt, F., Juretic, F., Guerrero, J., & Wood, D. H. (2015, June). Cfd analysis of naca4415 airfoil with ƴ – Re₀ model considering natural transition. Paper presented at the North American Wind Energy Academy 2015 Symposium, Blacksburg, VA.