Caracterización socio-económica y ambiental de los sistemas de producción en la subcuenca del Río Chimbo. Provincia Bolívar-Ecuador

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Bolivar, Ecuador: Universidad Estatal de Bolívar, Facultad de ciencias agropecuarias, recursos naturales y del ambiente. Escuela de ingeniería agroforestal y pecuarias

This thesis analyzes household data and characterizes farm households according to their livelihood strategy. Livelihood classes are then analyzed to examine the environmental and socioeconomic conditions faced by household members. The author suggests that in order to effectively address issues related to water supply, biodiversity conservation, deforestation, public health, and access to markets for families in Ecuador, socioeconomic and environmental aspects need to be considered in the analysis.

Soil erosion, Soil management, Watershed management, Soil fertility, Sustainability, SANREM, Ecuador, Households, Livelihoods, Cluster analysis, Socioeconomic status, Education level, Chimbo, Bolivar, Illangama, Alumbre, Farm/Enterprise Scale Watershed
MS thesis. Bolivar, Ecuador: Universidad Estatal de Bolívar