Semi-annual reports: SANREM CRSP year 3 marketing Indonesia

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Bogor, Indonesia: Winrock International and The World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) South-East Asia Regional Office

Agriculture is the most common activity practiced by rural farmers. Lack of market information, remote location and poor accessibility to production resources are common problems faced by the farmers. The marketing activities over the past six months focused to address the limitation of VAF's farmers on market information. As a first stage, market surveys were conducted to identify market opportunities for selected VAFs. It is important for farmers to know for which product there is a demand, which quantities and qualities are in demand, when and where there is a demand and at what price.

Participatory processes, Market supply, Training, Adult education, Income generation, Local markets, Market demand, Cash crops, Best management practices, Field days, Demonstrations, Farmer to farmer, Markets, Agroforestry, Extension service, Market surveys, Rapid market appraisal, RMA, Market opportunity identification, Vegetable agroforestry, VAF, Best management practices
SANREM CRSP semi-annual report