Semi-annual report: Animal drawn no-till in the "Agroforestry and Sustainable Vegetable Production" Project

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Executive Summary: In the first half of year 4, performance tests on the major parts of the animal drawn no-till implement were done. Six coulters were fabricated and tested and three opener geometries were also tested. Among the coulters, the 12 teeth curved and straight tooth coulters were found to require less horizontal draft force. Both coulters were also able to cut the living and dead residue sufficiently. The opener with the larger rake angle required the least horizontal draft force. Wings were added and tested but was found to have a small effect on the soil breakage and down force contribution compared to openers without wings. Soil breakage was also improved when a soil breaking tip and spikes mounted on the side of the opener shoe were used. Mounting plastic on the sides of the opener was also found to reduce the horizontal draft force by 5 kilograms. The rear wheels were set apart to improve stability and a soil compactor were added between them.



Conservation tillage, No-till, Animal labor, Tools


LTRA-5 Semi-Annual Progress Report