The Florida Ranchlands Environmental Services Project: Field Testing a Pay-for-Environmental-Services Program

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Resources for the Future (RFF)

The Florida Ranchlands Environmental Services Project (FRESP) was recently launched, which will field test a program to complement the existing restoration programs such as the Lake Okeechobee Protection Plan (LOPP), which uses public funding to build treatment wetlands, drill aquifer storage, and capture rainwater (to delay its arrival downstream). FRESP will pay cattle ranchers to provide environmental services that will benefit the lake.

Cattle, Water management, Ecological restoration, Payments for environmental services, Program planning, Wetland, Ranching, Environmental services, Pasture management, PES, Florida, Environmental services project, Pay-for-environmental-services program (pesp), Lake okeechobee protection plan (lopp), Florida ranchlands environmental services project (fresp), Program design, Ranchlands, Ranchers, Funding, Documentation, Accountability, Water retention, Phosphorus load reduction, Wetlands habitat expansion, Ecosystem Farm/Enterprise Scale
Resources 165: 17-19