Semi-annual report: Vegetable agroforestry - Technology

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Greensboro, NC: North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

The second round of experiment on the Effect of Cover Crop (Arachis pintoi) and Drip Irrigation on 5 Commercial Vegetables was conducted in February 2009. These 5 commercial vegetables were: Chinese cabbage, Cabbage, Carrots, Bell pepper and Tomato. Seedlings of tree vegetables which were chosen by the women during the Farmers' Field Day in 2007 were given last November 2008. These tree vegetables were planted by these women on their respective farms. Meeting with demands on sharing the results of VAF research, brochures in English and Visayan languages were developed. These brochures were pre-tested before publication to various men and women group. Two papers were also written for peer reviewed journal publication. These papers are now under review. Sharing VAF research results were also conducted in various groups and locations. These activities were done both in proactive and reactive approach.

Agroforestry, Cover crops, Drip irrigation, Vegetable agroforestry, VAF, Field Scale
LTRA-5 Semi-annual Progress Report