Aperture synthesis of time-limited X waves and analysis of their propagation characteristics

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Acoustical Society of America

The feasibility of exciting a localized X-wave pulse from a finite aperture is addressed. Also, the possibility of using a finite-time excitation of a dynamic aperture to generate a finite-energy approximation to an X-wave pulse is explored. The analysis is carried out by using a Gaussian time window to time limit the infinite X-wave initial excitation. Huygens' construction is used to calculate the amplitude of the radiated wave field away from the finite-time source. The decay rate of the peak of the X wave is compared to that of a quasi-monochromatic signal. It is shown that the finite-time X-wave propagates to much farther distances without significant decay. Furthermore, the decay pattern of the radiated X-wave pulse is derived for a source consisting of an array of concentric annular sections. The decay behavior of the radiated pulse is similar to that of an X-wave launched from a finite-time aperture. This confirms the fact that time windowing the infinite energy X-wave excitation is a viable scheme for constructing finite apertures. A discussion of the diffraction limit of the X-wave pulse is also provided.

Acoustic wave diffraction, Excitation energies
Chatzipetros, A. A., Shaarawi, A. M., Besieris, I. M., & Abdel-Rahman, M. A. (1998). Aperture synthesis of time-limited X waves and analysis of their propagation characteristics. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 103(5), 2287-2295. doi: 10.1121/1.422747