To Can or Not to Can? Feasibility Study for a Cannery in Scott County

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In Scott County, a community cannery has been proposed. This cannery would allow current canners to continue canning more efficiently at a lower cost, and would likely draw new people to canning. In this study, the economic feasibility of the cannery was studied and a plan for further study and an action plan based on the data collected to this point were developed. Although canning activities are on the decline, canning is likely still prevalent in the area due to the large population over the age of 55. Through a survey, the likely usage of the cannery can be determined, which is necessary to determine the ideal size for the cannery. Based on the data collected on likely usage and the county’s economy, a cooperative seems to be the best form of management for the cannery.

Canning and preserving, Canneries -- Virginia -- Scott County