CPES Center Brochure (April 2011)

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Virginia Tech. Center for Power Electronics Systems


The Center for Power Electronics Systems is a $4 million/year research center dedicated to improving electrical power processing and dis­tribution that impact systems of all sizes –from battery-operated electronics to vehicles to regional and national electrical distribution systems. Our mission is to provide leadership through global collaborative research and education for creat­ing electric processing systems of the highest value to society. CPES has a worldwide reputation for its research advances, work with industry to improve the entire field, and its many talented graduates. From 1998- 2008, CPES served as an Engineering Research Cen­ter (ERC) for the NSF. A collaboration of five univer­sities and many industrial firms, the CPES ERC was the largest-ever collaboration of power electronics re­searchers. During the ERC period, CPES developed the IPEM, a standardized off-the-shelf module that has revolutionized power electronics. Today, we are building on that foun­dation so that power electronics can fulfill its promise and reduce energy use while helping electronics-based systems grow in capability.