How to feed a hungry world

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Nature Publishing Group


This editorial addresses the issue of food security and how the government and private sector can work on solutions to feed the growing population in a way that does not harm the planet. There is plenty of food to feed the expected nine billion people in 2050, but the problem is finding a way to do so in an environmentally sustainable way that will not exhaust groundwater supplies and soil nutrients. Smart policy-making and investment in agricultural research, from high-tech seeds to low-tech farming practices, are important steps to solving the problem of food insecurity in the future.


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Conservation agriculture, Sustainable development, Food strategy, Economic policy, Food security, Sustainable agriculture, Biotechnology, Trade policy, Research, Global population, Green revolution, Climate change, Genetically modified crops, Hunger, Food crisis, Farm/Enterprise Scale Field Scale Governance


Editorial. Nature 466(7306): 531-532