STEM Education: The Potential of Technology Education

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Council on Technology and Engineering Teacher Education

Disciplinary perspectives on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education afford an opportunity for insights into how these respective fields of education view their roles in the schooling of America within the current context of STEM education reform. In each case one must first recognize that these Mississippi Valley Technology Teacher Education Conference responses are but microcosmic perspectives in that they are based on limited time and resources. And as a result, though drawn from valid sources, their interpretations are therefore subject to disciplinary bias. In an effort to address these limitations and challenges to presenting the Technology Education perspective on STEM education, an intentional effort was made to corroborate data gathered through a broad sweep of valid sources, including published reports and articles, research results from personal projects and courses, and personal experience gained from more than three decades of teaching, integrating, and learning about science and technology education with students PreK-20.

Technology Education, Pedagogical Commons, Integrative STEM Education, Reformed Education