Qualité de l'ensilage, caractéristiques chimiques, et palatabilité de la Cassia tora ensilé contre frais

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Cassia tora (Foetid cassia) is the most prevalent weed species in the West African region of Mali. In most parts of Mali, the lack of pasture and forage resources has been a growing problem. C. tora is considered as a poisonous plant. However, the toxic element in C. tora has not been clearly defined. The objectives of our experiment are: to evaluate the chemical characteristics of ensiled vs. fresh C. tora; to investigate the effect of additives on the quality of the ensiled material; to provide feed for the dry season and to examine the effect of the ensiling processes on the toxic chemical (or chemicals) present in the fresh C. tora.

Presented at SAMREM WA Research Synthesis Conference Innovations Institutionnelles et Développements Technologiques pour une Gestion Décentralisée et Durable des Ressources Naturalles, Bamako, Mali, 24-26 February 2004 Presented at SANREM WA Research Synthesis Conference Institutional Innovations and Technological Developments for Decentralized and Sustainable Natural Resources Management, Bamako, Mali, 24-26 February 2004