A Qualitative Analysis of The Southern Pine Beetle's Wildlife Impact

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Virginia Tech. Division of Forestry and Wildlife Resources

Wildlife's social value has long been known. Early attempts to place dollar values on wildlife were crude (Stains and Barkalow, 1951; Collins, 1959) and often incomprehensible. For example, Collins found that each deer killed by bow hunters was worth $5,280 based on hunter expenditures. However, these early researchers were aware that it is important to consider wildlife's social value in forest management decisions. These include pest management dee is ions generally and Southern Pine Beetle ( Dendroctonus frontal is Zimm) (SPB) management decisions specifically. Wildlife has three basic values in the Southeast: recreational, aesthetic, and scientific. The recreational value is realized by the more than 30 million people who spend billions of dollars each year pursuing fish and game species. These people partially support the sporting arms and ammunition, camping equipment, campground, and restaurant industries.