Restoring community through concensus: Restauration de l'entente communautaire à travers le concensus. Community concensus workshops: Ateliers de formation en concensus communautaire

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Blacksburg, Va.: Virginia Tech. Office of Internation Research and Development

This learning manual can be used as a guide for those trained as facilitators to successfully resolve conflicts and build concensus in various settings. The first half of this manual describes the basic process used in a series of workshops facilitated for the Madiama Commune from October 1999 to October 2002. A more complete accounting of these individual workshops is found on the website: under "Stories." The second part of this manual provides a more comprehensive understanding of the basic elements of conflict resolution and is translated to French. The facilitator may use this process in diverse ways to fit the situation. Applications will depend on the group.

Crisis intervention, Conflict, Community development, Conflict resolution, Community participation, Consensus process, Interview process, Farm/Enterprise Scale Field Scale
SANREM CRSP Working Paper no. 03-02