Maasai Mara - an ecosystem under siege: An African case study on the societal dimension of rangeland conservation

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Grahamstown, South Africa: NISC Pty Ltd


'Let me assure you all that our commitment to the preservation of wildlife and the habitat in the Maasai Mara reserve is total. We do not deny that the reserve is of vital economic importance to us, but we also firmly believe, and proclaim, that wildlife deserves to be protected for its own sake. The animals are God's creatures and we affirm their right to live and survive as undisturbed as possible in this busy and over-populated world. The Mara can provide a relief from the commercial pressures of profit and survival. We must thus emphasize that in the Maasai Mara reserve interests of wildlife are paramount.' Samson Ole Tuya, Chairman Narok County Council Maasai Mara Tourism Workshop, March 1991


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Economic growth, Ecosystem, Poverty, Economic impacts, Rural-urban migration, Conservation, Parks, Tourism, Over grazing, Rural development, Social impacts, Ecosystem management, Sustainable development, Soil erosion, Environmental impacts, Conflict, Land use management, Forestry, Health impacts, Farming systems, Desertification, Semiarid zones, Tenure system, Livestock management, Livestock, Agriculture, Rural-rural migration, Humid zones, Deforestation, Livelihoods, Land tenure, Natural resource management, Pasture management, Habitat destruction, Range management, Human impacts, Land use, Livestock, Social conflict, Traditional values, Ecosystem Governance


African Journal of Range and Forage Science 21(2): 79-88