2nd Workshop on Multimodal Motion Sickness Detection and Mitigation Methods for Car Journeys - Finding Consensus in the Field


The adoption of automated vehicles will be a positive step towards road safety and environmental benefits. However, one major challenge that still exist is motion sickness. The move from drivers to passengers who will engage in non-driving related tasks as well as the potential change in the layout of the car interior that will come with automated vehicles are expected to result in a worsened experience of motion sickness. The previous workshop [18] highlighted the need for consensus on guidelines regarding study design for motion sickness research. Hence, this workshop will develop a guide for motion sickness research through reflection and discussions on the current methodologies used by experts in the field. Further it will build on the knowledge collected from the previous workshop and will thereby facilitate not only new research ideas and fruitful collaborations but also find a consensus in the field in regard to study design and methodologies.