Strategies to Improve Volunteer Retention at 1040 Initiative

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Virginia Tech

Volunteerism has played a major role worldwide, benefiting and helping many across the globe (Connors, 2012). A key component to volunteerism is the importance of volunteer retention. Volunteer retention is an imperative component of nonprofit organizations, because many nonprofits rely on volunteers to provide services (Unkefer, 2016). If the management of volunteers is consistent in their efforts to retain volunteers, organization leaders can began focusing their efforts elsewhere. Throughout this study a focus was placed on the volunteers of the program in hopes to gain a better understanding of their motives for staying involved in the organization. A program evaluation was conducted to decipher strategies that improve retention within a faith-based non-profit organization, 1040 Initiative (1040i). The search for the most effective strategies to improve the retainment of volunteers requires a qualitative approach. A qualitive approach that is based on a theoretical implication was used to interpret the current strategies of the program to ensure effectiveness. Interviews were conducted to compare current strategies and implement new strategies to improve retention among 1040i volunteers. The interview process allows for greater insight as personal experiences and observations were shared by the volunteers (Rowley, 2012). Emerging themes developed throughout the process providing valuable information that can be used for program growth in the area of volunteer retention.