Radio frequency-based data collection network

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Virginia Tech

In today's competitive global business environment, efficient information transfer and real-time data collection are required to provide a flexible and reliable information management system. RF-based data collection networks are increasingly becoming a strategic technology used to instantly capture, process and transmit the data which is vital to daily management decisions. This project aims to look at the key system building blocks based on the three core technologies of bar code data capture- laser scanning, portable computing, and radio frequency (RF) data communications. The RF equipment in the Automatic Data Collection Systems Lab (ADCSL) at Virginia Tech was integrated into a functional data collection system. RF based systems allow real time transfer of information from source of data to decision makers. Laboratory experiments were designed so that undergraduate students gain practical experience and understanding of this innovative technology. The focus of the experiments will be to expose students to leading-edge laser scanners, hand-held portable computers, and RF communications and network systems.