Manejo de recursos naturales para agricultura de pequeña escala en la Ecoregión Andina de Ecuador

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This presentation explains how mixed crop and livestock production systems can help improve crop productivity and the sustainability of farming systems in the Andean region of Ecuador. The main problem in the Chimbo watershed is the negative effect of the mismanagement of natural resources in the upper watershed on the lower areas in the watershed. Flooding frequently occurs, resulting in crop destruction and soil nutrient runoff. This presentation presents the vulnerable areas of the watershed and possible watershed management solutions in the Andean region of Ecuador.

Flooding, Watershed management, Best management practices, Agriculture, Small-scale farming, Pest management, Natural resource management, Biodiversity conservation, Crop-livestock production, Mixed production, Integrated pest management (ipm), Potatoes, Papa, Milk production, Chimbo, Farm/Enterprise Scale Field Scale Watershed
Presented at the USDA/FLACSO workshop, "Fortaleciendo la competitividad a través de las prácticas de extensión agrícola en el Ecuador," Quito, Ecuador, December 2009