Timely and sustainable: Utilising correlation in status updates of battery-powered and energy-harvesting sensors using Deep Reinforcement Learning

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In a system with energy-constrained sensors, each transmitted observation comes at a price. The price is the energy the sensor expends to obtain and send a new measurement. The system has to ensure that sensors' updates are timely, i.e., their updates represent the observed phenomenon accurately, enabling services to make informed decisions based on the information provided. If there are multiple sensors observing the same physical phenomenon, it is likely that their measurements are correlated in time and space. To take advantage of this correlation to reduce the energy use of sensors, in this paper we consider a system in which a gateway sets the intervals at which each sensor broadcasts its readings. We consider the presence of battery-powered sensors as well as sensors that rely on Energy Harvesting (EH) to replenish their energy. We propose a Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL)-based scheduling mechanism that learns the appropriate update interval for each sensor, by considering the timeliness of the information collected measured through the Age of Information (AoI) metric, the spatial and temporal correlation between readings, and the energy capabilities of each sensor. We show that our proposed scheduler can achieve near-optimal performance in terms of the expected network lifetime.

Deep reinforcement learning, Age of Information, Energy harvesting, Internet of Things, Energy efficiency, Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient