Gaining new insights into nanoporous gold by mining and analysis of published images

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Springer Nature


One way of expediting materials development is to decrease the need for new experiments by making greater use of published literature. Here, we use data mining and automated image analysis to gather new insights on nanoporous gold (NPG) without conducting additional experiments or simulations. NPG is a three-dimensional porous network that has found applications in catalysis, sensing, and actuation. We assemble and analyze published images from among thousands of publications on NPG. These images allow us to infer a quantitative description of NPG coarsening as a function of time and temperature, including the coarsening exponent and activation energy. They also demonstrate that relative density and ligament size in NPG are not correlated, indicating that these microstructure features are independently tunable. Our investigation leads us to propose improved reporting guidelines that will enhance the utility of future publications in the field of dealloyed materials.



thin-films, mechanical-properties, yield strength, pore-size, au, evolution, electrolytes, fabrication, reduction, behavior