Implementation and Evaluation of Referral System Between Carilion Healthcare System and Virginia Cooperative Extension for Balanced Living with Diabetes Program

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Virginia Tech


The purpose of this project was to implement and evaluate a pilot referral process between Carilion Healthcare System and Virginia Cooperative Extension for the Balanced Living with Diabetes Program. Both institutions expressed interest and need for this system, and the Plan, Do, Study, Act tool was utilized to carry this project. Through the creation of a core team from both institutions, with communication via email and virtual meeting platforms, a compliant fax referral form was developed to relay referral information and to achieve synergy across both the healthcare and community organizations, with the goal of developing a model that would increase access and utilization of community-based services by individuals who have a type 2 diabetes diagnosis. This pilot referral process was conducted from March – July, 2022 with multiple programs in place for implementation. During the mid-project review, no referrals had been received. In response to no referrals, program rack cards were then distributed to two Carilion Family Medicine Practices as an additional strategy for referrals. Overall, the limited timeframe for this project was a barrier for complete facilitation. Both institutions worked well together in this pilot study and plan to continue the referral process after the completion of this project.