Fast Projection Algorithm for LIM-Based Simultaneous Algebraic Reconstruction Technique and Its Parallel Implementation on GPU

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Simultaneous algebraic reconstruction technique (SART) is a well-known iterative method in X-ray computed tomography, which provides better image quality than analytical methods when dealing with incomplete or noisy data. The disadvantage of SART is the slow speed compared with the analytical methods. Since forward projection and backprojection are two major time-consuming operations in iterative reconstruction, we propose an algorithm for fast forward projection and improved backprojection for the line integral model-based SART. Using the proposed algorithm, the SART method was implemented on a GPU platform with NVIDIA's parallel computing architecture. Both computer simulations and physical phantom experiments were carried out, and their results show that our approach is highly efficient and accurate. The computation time for the system matrix using our proposed projector is 10 times faster than that using the Siddon's projector, and our improved backprojection algorithm is 1.5 times faster than Li's method in determining the minimum bounding interval. The GPU-based SART using our proposed projection algorithm can obtain about 7.4 times reconstruction speed-up compared with that using the traditional projection approach, while preserving the accuracy of the results.

Computed tomography, image reconstruction, simultaneous algebraic reconstruction technique (SART), forward projection, back projection, GPU