Bakun indigenous people use modern mechanisms for selling environmental services to preserve a traditional way of life without its poverty traps

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One of the activities that the Bakun people have been involved in, as part of the partnership with IFAD, has been reforestation and agroforestry projects that increase their livelihood opportunities and to protect their natural resources. While the two hydroelectric plants operating in the watershed pay taxes to the local and national government it is unclear how much of this support gets back to the local communities. RUPES and the local people are working to implement methods for conditional payment for environmental services.

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Payments for environmental services, Livelihoods, Indigenous community, Tropical zones, Forest ecosystems, Hydropower, Poverty, Reforestation, Agroforestry, Traditional farming, Agricultural ecosystems, Agriculture, Hydroelectric power, Water regulation, Bakun indigenous tribes organization (bito), Watershed protection services, Upland farming, Conditional payments, Sedimentation, Opportunity costs, Poverty alleviation, Watershed