Utilizing an untapped resource: Manure use in the Bolivian Altiplano as a means to increase overall production

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Bolivia is a landlocked country located in west central South America along the Andes Mountain chain. The country is approximately 1.1 million sq/km (about 3 times the size of Montana) and has a population of just fewer than 9 million people (CIA fact book). The majority of Bolivia's population resides in the urban areas in and surrounding the countries two largest cities, Santa Cruz, and the capital La Paz; with the remainder of the population residing in rural areas. Geographically the regions in Bolivia vary greatly in altitude, climate, and ecosystems ranging from the steep slopes and plateaus of the Andes Mountains the lowlands of the Amazon basin.

Rural development, Cash crops, Environmental impacts, Soil fertility, Manure, Soil organic matter, Bolivia, Ecosystem Field Scale
Undergraduate research project, as part of Plant Sci 4950, based on the SANREM Project "Adapting to Change in the Highlands"