Progress and Development of Information Technology in the Hospitality Industry: Evidence from Cornell Hospitality Quarterly [Summary]

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Virginia Tech


Hospitality executives need to maintain a good relationship with their customers and business partners by using the best Technology, integrating IT into their business strategies, and improving the knowledge and skills of their employees in the use of IT. A content analysis found that over half of the publications focusing on the hospitality industry in general and a significant number of IT-related articles were written between the 1980s and 2016. To ensure hospitality managers are fully aware of the technologies, we recommend that hospitality analysts should be obliged to keep managers updated about IT-related successful business strategies.

Managers should offer online training for their employees, including using the internet, and staff members can follow up-to-date information. Now that mobile apps allow customers to make hotel room reservations anytime and anywhere, hotels can use their IT infrastructure to deliver these customers customized services. The role of the IT department in the hospitality business will move from simply providing technical support to providing advice to senior management on how IT can better accomplish its business goals.



information technology, hospitality applications, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly