Eastern Hellbender

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New River Symposium

Program will include a presentation about the natural history of the Eastern Hellbender. Following will be a discussion about the baseline study results concerning the Eastern Hellbender's population in the South Fork New River in North Carolina. The study has involved NC Wildlife Commission Biologist, NC State Park Biologists and New River State Park staff along with many citizen volunteers. The Eastern Hellbender is one of the largest salamanders in North America. The Hellbender, also called the Snototter, grows on average to 18-26 inches and may live for 30 years. The Snototter, as with other amphibians, is an indicator species of the health of the New River and of the local environment.

Ranger Doug Blatny is the Lead Natural Resource Ranger for New River State Park. He has worked for New River for 19 years and has been with the Division of NC State Parks for 22 years.

Hellbender, South Fork New River