High-Dimensional Visual Analytics of Particle Kinematics


The goal of this project was to explore the feasibility of Semantic Interaction (SI) methods [SI1, SI2] for Nuclear Femtography. Semantic Interaction is an approach to Human and Machine learning that enables the users to explore and refine their understanding of correlations and inter-relationships within large amounts of multidimensional data. Semantic Interaction combines statistical mathematics and machine learning with real-time scientific visualization. While a variety of visualization techniques can help scientists to gain a more comprehensive understandings of their data, Semantic Interaction uses the history of the user’s interaction to learn about what the user considers as relevant features and allows to map the n-dimensional correlations in a n-dimensional data set. Toward the exploration of high-dimensional nuclear physics data, we pursued two objectives: 1) adapt our Graphically-Linked Ensemble Explorer (GLEE) to load the results of nuclear physics experiments and 2) evaluate the results with Jefferson Lab scientists and the CNF community.