The Brand Inside: Fulfilling the Needs of the New Employee Generation to Create Brand Advocates [Summary]

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Virginia Tech

This study fills the gap in the literature by identifying the new employee generation as emerging brand advocates. We use extensive studies and employ a survey for the respective exploratory and explanatory research and then follow up with variance-based structural equation modelling to analyze the survey and test the hypotheses. Variables are later classified into six needs of the new employee generation with regard to their level of significance within the sample: corporate identity, employee upbringing, peripheral interactions, extraneous work needs, need for a challenging and innovative work environment, and the need for a game-changing attitude. The findings should appeal to employers that seek to create brand advocates amongst employees at an early stage. This research paper is also relevant for existing employers that are willing to boost the number of brand advocates in their organizations and succeed in the existing talent war. The bottom line is that catering to the needs of the new employee generation undoubtedly leads to a happier workforce that will then share its positive work experience with others.