Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity: Members of the Association of Research Libraries

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The library community considers diversity to be a core value. But, the academic library sector has struggled with addressing equity, diversity, and inclusion. One key shortcoming has been in its efforts to ensure representative numbers of library employees of color. In recent years, many academic librarians and observers of academic libraries have worked toward understanding this issue and the shortcomings of efforts to diversify, focusing on staffing, library education, and advocacy for diversity and social justice within the profession. In this report, they authors focus on libraries at four-year colleges and universities within the United States. They asked deans and directors to complete a survey that captured both the demographics of library employees and the directors’ assessment of the diversity climate within their libraries and in the greater library sector. They provide findings from this study on diversity within member institutions of the ARL, which has devoted considerable effort toward promoting diversity initiatives and raising awareness among its members.

libraries and community, library staff representation, academic achievement