Assessing SANREM's impacts in Lantapan: Results of a survey

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Madison, Wisc.: University of Madison-Wisconsin

In this paper we report on a project impact study conducted at the Lantapan, Philippines field site of the SANREM CRSP project. To substitute for "with project" and "without project" samples of respondents (since other sources of heterogeneity may divide these) we construct several measures of "distance" from the project and locate our sample along these measures. While hypotheses of statistical causation remain to be tested, preliminary analysis of the survey results indicates that proximity to the project is positively correlated with heightened awareness of environmental linkages and concepts, more "environment-conscious" attitudes, and a higher propensity to adopt relatively costly sustainable agriculture practices such as integrated pest management (IPM), hedgerows and contour strips. These findings emerge in spite of a relatively brief project life (less than five years) and a concentration of project activities on research rather than training or extension. We conclude from the latter observation that a participatory

Participatory processes, Farmer to farmer, Community participation, Local knowledge, Experiential learning, Information transfer, Sustainable agriculture practices, Farm/Enterprise Scale