Realities of the watershed management approach: The Manupali Watershed experience

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Laguna, Philippines: University of the Philippines Los Baños. Institute of Strategic Planning and Policy Studies

This paper will describe the current management strategies in the Manupali watershed aimed for both the economic and environmental sustainability. In Section II, we describe the watershed in terms of the hydrology, as well as its biophysical and socio economic characteristics. The third section is a discussion of the current management activities. We will investigate the realities of watershed management at various perspectives: financial, technical, social/institutional, and political/legal. A discussion of the challenges in the implementation of the said plans is in Section IV. A brief conclusion and some recommendations will be discussed in Section V.

Water management, Environmental impacts, Soil conservation, Local policy, Laws and regulations, Soil fertility, Water use, Land use management, Irrigation, Forests, Water quality, Watershed management, Water rights, Economic growth, Smallholder agriculture, Hydrology, Water resources degradation, Socioeconomic characteristics, Bukidnon Watershed Protection and Development Council (BWPDC), Ecosystem Governance Watershed
ISPPS Working Paper no. 04-04